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Thursday, June 3, 2010

what you should do when cyclone hits? Take Care

Lets now know what you should do when cyclone hits…

When cyclones hit

What you should do:

• Store all loose items inside. Put wooden or plastic outdoor furniture in your pool (if you have one) and fill garbage/wheelie bins and dinghies with water (water can be used for flushing toilets if required).
• Disconnect all electrical appliances and turn off the gas.
• Close shutters, board-up or heavily-tape all windows.
• Fuel your car or other vehicles and park it under solid cover.
• Pack an evacuation kit including your emergency kit, warm clothing, essential medications, valuables, papers, photos and keepsakes in waterproof bags.
• Stay inside and shelter in the strongest part of the building (eg the cellar, internal hallway or bathroom).
• If the building starts to break up, protect yourself with mattresses, rugs or blankets or by sheltering under a strong table or bench. If necessary, hold on to a solid fixture such as a water pipe.
• Continue to listen to your portable radio for updates and advice.
• Beware of the calm 'eye' of the cyclone. If the wind suddenly drops, don't assume that the cyclone is over. Violent winds will soon resume from the opposite direction (it is best to wait for the official all-clear).
• If you are driving, STOP - but well away from the sea and clear of trees, power-lines and watercourses. Stay in your vehicle.

What you should do After the cyclone?

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